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Omron M6 blood pressure monitor

This is our best selling, most popular monitor.

A great all round top performing monitor..

The M6 comfort is an an excellent product for easy monitoring of your blood pressure in a comfortable, straightforward manner.

The Omron M6 Comfort blood pressure monitor has a memory feature that records the last three measurements taken within the last 10 minutes. Doctor’s are recognising that this average is important in home blood pressure monitoring.

Tracking the measurements and taking them to the doctor, enables the professional to accurately prescribe life-style changes and/or medication. This blood pressure monitor has the Omron ComfortCuff® (medium/large 22-42 cm). This unique pre-formed cuff is extremely easy to use and is more comfortable than the regular soft cuff.

The Intellisense® Technology ensures that the right inflation pressure is automatically detected. The device does not inflate too high and avoids painful measurements. It detects irregular pulses and decides fully automatically if the measurement result is usable or the measurement needs to be repeated. Only accurate results are displayed. In addition a small icon displays if there are irregular pulses captured.  


  • Fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor
  • Intellisense® Technology
  • Speedy measurement
  • Dual sized ComfortCuff ®(M-L 22-42 cm)
  • Memory has date and time stamp
  • Shows if irregular pulses are detected and only displays reliable results
  • Memory capacity for 90 memories
  • Averaging mode – averages 3 values
  • Large 3-fold display (Sys/Dia/Pulse)
  • Soft case
  • Clinically validated accuracy (International Protocol & BHS)


Omron Intellisense

The Intellisense™ logo is a brand new technology developed by Omron which ensures that the arm cuff inflates to the optimum level on each test. The IntelliSense™ technology ensures that no adjustments are required by the test subject to select a correct inflation level. It provides personalised inflation for maximum comfort. 


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Measuring your blood pressure at home with a personal blood pressure monitor can be very useful and can help you to feel more in control of your condition. It can also help you to understand more about your blood pressure, what affects it and how it changes throughout the day. Blood Pressure Monitors designed for personal use can be very useful in helping understand how your own blood pressure varies throughout the day.

If you would like to monitor your own blood pressure at home, you are likely to need the support of your doctor or nurse. We only sell quality Omron blood pressure monitors endorsed by The British Hypertension Society for accuracy .Taking more interest in your own health by using a blood pressure monitor can be beneficial to understanding your own circumstances.

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